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“I had been attendingYoga in a back-of-the-class way for years but it was only when I met B that I really began to improve. Thanks B for your enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding.”



“ It's really really easy. Just go down to the yoga room Monday at 6pm. B is already there and everything is ready. Then it's one hour and a half of relaxing, stretching, and weird postures building up your strength. I love it! My favorite postures are the one were I tend to fall, because it makes me laugh, each time.​"



“ I am a runner, and I know that posture control and core strengthening are important for improving performance. These are aspects that are often overlooked by runners who plan a regular training programme. For this reason I decided to include yoga as a regular feat of my marathon training: the benefits of the class exercises extend to my regular runs, so that I feel that my body awareness can reach a new level up."​



“ I contacted B for yoga classes after a year of failed fertility attempts, a miscarriage and being a physical and emotional wreck. A year on and I am far stronger emotionally and physically than I have ever been in my life and I owe that all to B. She has given me an inner strenghth which is incomparable. B is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is patient, thorough and sympathetic to every physical and emotional need. B also has a lovely sense of humour and appeasing dmeanour about her. One feels thoroughly rejuvenated, relaxed and elated after completing a yoga class with her. She is not judgemental nor critical in any way but motivates in a truly inspirational way.”​



“ I had been interested in learning more about Yoga but very uncertain about taking group classes as a total novice. B was amazing to talk me through the fundamentals and more importantly, reinforcing how every practice is a single practice - not a competition which is a very western, pressurised veiw of exercise which I definitely suffer.”


B and I practiced for several years, before, during and after the birth of my son. She gave me the confidence to attend adhoc classes at my gym and I found myself really comfortable with what my body could do and how to challenge myself safely during pregnancy and afterwards. My one-to-one sessions really are bespoke based on what I need each session. I'm always well energised and mentally re-charged after spending time with B.​"

Jennifer P


“ I love B's classes, everything is done in a safe and caring environment with B attuned to everyone's particular strengths. She provides enough challenge in the classes to make it fun and keep everyone inspired.”​



'B has always made me feel very welcome in the class. Her relaxed and hands on approach has made it easy to pick up everything really quickly - as an absolute yoga novice I've never felt unable to keep up, and she challenges us to try new things. It's a pleasure to learn with her.'


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