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Yes I can.........

Not sure what the weather is like in London but I woke up to a lovely bright morning, although still cool. Great morning to run even though I was still after I could not procrastinate any longer I went out. There I was running by the beautiful lake being mindful as I breathed in the clean air and appreciated the blue skies and shimmering water when half way through my mindful run I was interrupted by a very slim, tall, long blond hair, gorgeous German woman gliding past me.......well actually sprinting past me with gazelle like grace and speed to match. The first thought that entered my head without thinking was she is younger and more gorgeous than me and that's why she is faster than me and I can't run that fast at my age. And then I begun to analyse this thought. Firstly I had only seen the back of this gazelle-like runner, so I had no way of knowing she was younger, secondly gorgeous means different things to different people and I was comparing that fact that she ran with grace whilst I felt I was struggling picking up my very heavy feet (perception.....that's a whole new email!) and thirdly and most importantly, why was the first thought that entered my head a 'I can't' thought or more precisely a negative thought? Hence I started to speed up to catch this German gazelle. Of course, I didn't catch her today.......but you never know tomorrow or the next day I might especially now that I believe I can.

Which brings me to a lovely quote I came across in one of the Sunday magazines yesterday that I really liked 'Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm possible.' Audrey Hepburn. I am working with this quote alongside one of Pantanjali's yoga sutras (Patañjali is the compiler of the Yoga Sūtras, an important collection of 196 aphorisms on Yoga practice, many many years ago). In it Pantanjali talks about consistent practice and effort. I feel combining all these ingredients together, faith (or positive thoughts) that you can do it plus putting in the work ethic (consistent practice and effort) to get there, can ensure a higher success rate in anything you do. After all, I can have all the belief in myself I want but if I marry this up with sitting on the couch, I'm not going get anywhere faster! However, if I start getting out there consistently putting the time and effort in, then I have a sporting chance. Vice versa.

The other thing I really believe in, is surrounding myself with positive people or 'yes I can' people and people who support me in a positive nurturing way. Have you noticed how this type of environment rubs off on you...........and have you noticed how the opposite rubs off on you too.

Hence I am really looking forward to my run tomorrow, I am hoping that gorgeous, blond, slim gazelle like German woman glides past me tomorrow so I can think 'YES I CAN'.

B x

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