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Wrecking Ball

I feel almost embarrassed to admit I love Miley Cyrus BUT I do. Wow that was hard.... almost like I am confessing I have a thing for sledgehammers or I have some other dirty secret! My initial reaction after I admitted this to you was to list all my other musical likes so you knew I had some heavy notes in my collection like Classical, Opera, David Bowie, Blondie etc etc. but I am not going to do that. I also feel like I should stand up in her corner and defend her from the likes of Sinead O'Conner and Annie Lennox (you know what I mean if you have been reading the papers).....both of whom I loved back in the day....yes that old chestnut......'back in the day'. once were cutting edge but now you have become less inspiring......(yes I know Annie does great work in Africa!). Anyway I am not doing that either today. And I am not going into why I like Miley.

What I really wanted to say is that I have listening to 'Wrecking Ball' and I love this song. It is obviously about a relationship and how she forced the relationship to be a certain way but as we all know from 'back in the day' is that you cannot force someone to love you, behave a certain way or look a certain way as sooner or later it will explode.

Well this is YOGA. You are in a relationship with your body and when you use force to push a little deeper or to look in a certain way (ahhhhh that elusive perfect posture) then your mind or your brain cells will fight you back and tense up. This is a proven scientific fact but I am not going into all of that today. However, what I am going into is that if you use patience which is a form of listening to your body and love, your body will relax and open up as it trusts what your intentions are. In other words you have to find the middle path of not working too little and not working too hard! Obviously I am talking more about the latter today.

So to the end of this blog. I have included a verse from Miley's song 'Wrecking Ball' and my interpretation for you to enjoy:

I never meant to start a war

I just wanted you to let me in

And instead of using force

I guess I should've let you win

translates to in yoga terms:

I never meant to ignore you

I just wanted you to open up

And I should have used love

I guess I should've trusted you

(trust could have been replaced by surrender meaning trust, faith, melting in etc etc)

PS My sincere apologies to anyone dealing with any types of addictions.

PSS I cannot stand One Direction or any similar types of bands.

PSSS I am going to see Fleetwood Mac in Berlin next Wednesday 16th October 13. Not sure if this enhances my musical credits or highlights exactly where 'back in the day' starts for me!

B x

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